Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter (and update)

Happy Easter everyone :) To celebrate, here are some pictures of my sweet little chubby bunny.  He is 2 months today and sure has filled out nicely (note: these were taken when he was 2 weeks old). I am enjoying my sweethearts so much.
I have been doing some evaluating and have decided that I am going to cut back on my sessions. So until further notice, I will not be taking any sessions except my signature newborn sessions of babies less than 10 days old.  I have my plate full and can only give that much of myself.  There will come a time when I will make photography my world, but this is not the season.  In the meantime, I'll keep improving my knowledge and skills and enjoy raising my 5 beautiful children :)

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Jess said...

I was about to ask who this handsome lil boy is and here it's Akoni! Awww, cute pics, and perfect for Easter. :)