Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hurray for Moms

I have hesitated putting this promo up because of not wanting to get too busy right now. We are in the middle of putting our home up for sale (anyone interested? ) and it takes all my energy and then some to keep up with my three boys and try to get the house presentable for potential buyers.
Having said that I still want to do something for all the sweet moms out there who work so hard to care for their children.
So here's the deal. Book in the next couple weeks (offer ends May 1st) for a session between now and the end of July and get a free 8x10 professional print and a returning client session fee ($125).
I know that husbands probably don't check my blog, so I give you permission to talk to your husbands and let them know this is what you want for Mother's Day. I can even print a certificate for him to wrap up and give to you : )
Enjoy : )

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