Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of my good friends is also my neighbor. She is always doing so many nice things for me (including watching my little ones from time to time) so I was happy to do some pictures for her little girl and nieces. I have to be able to return kindness somehow. Such cute girls though it's amazing how different they look!

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Janette said...

aw, man. Thanks Michele! You are truly one of the dearest people I know--and the most thoughtful, and talented....and I could go on, but then I'll start to cry because you're going to move away from me and leave me here without you. Guess you WILL have to pack us up and take us with you.....thanks for the awesome pix and your wonderful friendship!!! And thanks to Kyle for posting this on FB when I just happened to be logged on or I would've never seen it!!!!