Monday, August 29, 2011

Joshua and Haylee

I love the pose and shot of the first picture posted.  I am determined to have the same one for my baby when that time comes.  The wooden box is a box my grandpa made years ago.  He hung it in a tree near the area where they did outdoor cooking.  Seeing it reminds me of summers spent with my grandparents and makes me smile.
Little Joshua did a great job.  He is just as handsome as his sister is beautiful.  I am happy for his parents as Joshua was long hoped for : ) Congrats you guys : )


Anonymous said...

They turned out nice! You are so good Michele! Yes you need to take pics with your baby and Cheii's box. Cute kids! I liked being there with you during this session. :)

Michele Reyes said...

Yes! I totally forgot I wanted to write that in this post - that for this session I had the help of my amazing sister - and that whenever you are moving here we will be the incredible duo of newborn photographer/baby poser!

AMa said...

Would you be willing to teach a newborn workshop?

Michele Reyes said...

I adore my newborns and think there would be nothing more fun than to get together with other gals who love to do the same thing and share what I know.
Maybe in the future - but for right now my plate is just a bit too full.