Friday, April 22, 2011

Want a killer deal?

So I am looking into buying a new lens.  Before I do, I am trying it out for the weekend to see if it fits my needs.  So.  I am doing a $50 mini session tomorrow at 10:00am.   Only one spot, first come, first serve.
Let me know if you want this amazing deal : )


Natalie said...

I want it! I will email you about details. I hope it hasn't already been taken!
Natalie Pearson

Anonymous said...

Sweet! :) I wish it were us. :)

tracie said...

I just came across your blog. Wow, your pictures are amazing. I have done a few newborns and it is hard. I am in Cedar hills as well. Small world.

audra said...

I hope you can do my prego/newborn pics when I am expecting/have my own little ones :)

side note: I can't access your family blog anymore and was hoping you could add my email? I just love seeing your cute/funny babies and your beautiful pictures :D