Monday, March 28, 2011

why choose me?

So, I learned this past week about a business just north of me that is becoming quite popular as an option for doing photos of newborns, children, families, etc.  They give the CD the same day, let you include whomever you'd like and give you a certain amount of time all for well under a hundred dollars.  I can see how people think it is a really good deal.
Now, it is not news that there is a ton of competition out there when it comes to hiring a photographer.  Anyone who buys a decent camera can start a business.   The area is super saturated.
So, I thought it wouldn't be too crazy for me to just post something about what people should look for and why I think people should choose me - particularly when doing a newborn session.
The main reason I keep a blog is so that people can see my work, the progress I am making in creating beautiful pictures and see what they can expect when they do a session with me.  I hope when people visit my blog, they see something beautiful - something they wish they could have for their own children.
So my first tip - look at the results of what a photographer has created and decide if that is what you want for yourself.  Remember that blogs and portfolios are the photographers best foot forward.  If you are not wow-ed by them, you might end up disappointed with what you end up getting when you do a session of your own.
Next, remember a session is not just getting pictures, but it is an experience.  I am very limited in the sessions I take partly because I want to cater to my clients needs.  I bend over backward to book my newborns for the time that is best for them - I know it will create a better result.  And though I have a time listed as far as how the session will go - I always make sure I feel like I've gotten what I want even it if means extending the time.  Newborns need time to be fed, rocked, cuddled and put to sleep and a 45 minute window is not going to get you those precious pictures that you'll treasure. 
I think I have made it apparent in previous posts that newborn photography is what I love and want my niche to be. 
So why choose me?  Because I do everything I can to create what I as a mother (who is so smitten by motherhood that I have 4 children 6 and under and still want another) would want.  I think motherhood is one of the most beautiful things in the whole world and I hope my work reflects that belief.   I hope that people will see through my posts that I have an absolute love for photographing newborns and I am so honored by those that trust me with that precious time frame that is absolutely irreplaceable
Thanks for indulging me and letting me speak a little of my mind.
And since no post is not complete without a picture . . .


Amy said...

I'm glad we chose you for Ben's pictures! You really made it a beautiful exoerience. I'll always have those precious pictures and there is nothing more valuable or irreplaceable! Thanks Again!!!!

Jess said...

Well said. :) You are simply amazing and talented at what you do!! It's true, you get what you pay for, beautiful work takes time to capture those adorable poses as well as the time it takes to enhance them. If you charged for what it's worth, it should actually be a lot more pricey. Especially since you release the cd with copy rights. Love the pic. ;)

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

There is definitely a growing population of photographers. I even have a slight interest, but only a so so camera. :) I want to have another baby or two, and know that if and when I do, I've been planning for a while in my sub-conscience to have you do some maternity and newborn sessions. I haven't done that with any of my kids so far, and I have seen through your beautiful work how you strive to capture that special bond between mother and child. I look forward to having you work with me [us]. I love your work, and I do think it stands out from others!

Jenny said...

Love your work, Michele. If I get to have another baby, I'll be back. :)

Emily Pressley said...

You are hands down a better option for newborn photography. We've loved every experience we've had with you!

bmz said...

Unfortunately, anyone with a nice digital camera can start a photography business. And the market is saturated with subpar photographers. It makes it hard to find a great photographer.

That's why I'm so glad we came to you (from Phoenix)for our baby's shots, and why we are planning on coming to you (from Phoenix) again for baby's 1 year shots.

jessica corotan said...

you own this newborn nitch my dear! you provide everything a new mama and daddy need in a newborn session. thanks for always being so patient with my little ones and creating amazing images of my babies. we treasure our pictures of malina and mateo. thank you.