Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introducing . . .

I feel like I've said it a hundred times already - but I adore newborn photography.  I think it is such an amazing time of life that is so fleeting.  It reminds me of a rainbow or a beautiful sunset.  It only lasts a short time, but that memory is there in your mind and heart.  And I think that every mother should have the opportunity to have that moment captured through the art of photography.
So, let me tell you a story.  Once upon a time, years ago when I first was introduced to the amazing world of newborn photography, I was having a baby.  And I found this amazing photographer, whom I admired so much.  I wanted so, so badly to have her photograph my child, but the cost of the session was well beyond our family means.  It broke my heart.
From the time I started my photography business I have always struggled with the balance of keeping my prices low enough for the typical family to come to me and making the work I do worth it (in terms of being away from my children).  It has been hard.  I have increased my prices a few times - knowing that the quality of my work was improving.
So, what about that family that really wants my work coupled with their newest love - their newborn child?
For my child sessions I offer mini sessions, but always thought it would never work for newborns.  You cannot not force a session and much of the time is given to feeding a soothing.
The other day the idea came to my mind of how I could make it work.  So, I want to experiment . . .

Introducing, Newborn Mini Sessions.
Here's the comparison to help you understand the difference.

$250 - Signature Newborn Session:
• up to a 2-hour session
• approx 25-40 edited shots edited and perfected.
4-5 setups with multiple shots of each set up.

$150 - Mini Newborn Session:
45min - 2 hour session (just depending how soon we get the shots we need)
10 edited and perfected shots
2 setups (one of baby alone and one with mom and/or dad)
note: *** only babies 7 days and younger eligible for mini sessions

So, if you are having a baby and want to give a mini session (or signature session:) a try, let me know!

To remind us all of why my business exists, here's a picture from a session I am editing.


Jenny said...

love you work, michele, and i think the mini newborn sessions are a great idea!

Cherisse said...

Michele! I love the picture. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll cherish this forever. :)