Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Darling Family

One of my dear friends, Jodi, of A Yummy Life Photography, did our family pictures this year.  I was so happy we did them with her.  She does amazing work with families, kids and seniors.  Isn't her studio name so fun.  It matches her style and personality so well.  She has a gorgeous studio in Salt Lake, but also does outside shots.   Some of my favorites are her urban sessions.
I happily pass the baton of doing family pictures to other photographers.  If you want a recommendation, I highly, highly recommend Jodi!

PS.  Aren't my kids so cute?  I love them to bits : ) And my husband is truly my everything : )
Oh, and here are the pics she posted on her blog. 


Jess said...

Such a nice picture!! I know what Mom's Christmas gift is :) You really do have a darling family. I looked at Jodi's site and saw your pics there too, they are really cute. :) I've always loved outdoor family pics and have been wanting them for years now. She's a great photographer.

squishysandee said...

So adorable. I love your little girls shoes -- where did you get them from?

Michele Reyes said...

I got them from Old Navy. It was the first time I bought her shoes. Even at $12 I had a hard time dishing out the money. But they are definitely cute, cute, cute.

Trish said...

Yes they are way cute.
I know how you feel though - I just bought some for Lily a couple of days ago for $9 and that was pushing it :) Shoes look cute on them but I say they don't really need em' not while there still crawling :)