Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay, sorry - I was just using my husband's iphone for the last post, so it had to be nice and short.
I have been the hospital with my baby girl since Monday because of an eye infection that escalated to a point of real concern.  It was dangerous because she is so young and her immune system is not fully developed.  But with some good doctors and a surgery today we should be home very soon. It has been an experience that has reminded me of how precious our little ones are and we should cherish them even more than we already do.  Hold your little ones tonight and say a prayer of gratitude for their health.
I am not going to neglect my baby girl on the least bit - I will get back to emails and editing when I can. Thanks for your patience and thanks for the comments and concern.


lisalisa said...

I'm so sorry Michelle. Hope she's doing better! :( Your family will be in our prayers!

Jenny said...

Hope everything is going better.