Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've done Sarah's maternity pictures before. I hope that she loves these more than the first set. Otherwise, I'd feel like I wasn't improving as a photographer. I love the way they turned out. I am excited for her to see the rest. We are due within a week of each other, but I have assured her I am ready to do her newborn pictures when her baby girl comes. It'll be fun to meet her little one! Oh, by the way - mum is mom - it is how Sarah writes on her blog.

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Canadian Princess said...

Michele THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am absolutely thrilled with the pics and Chris loves them too. When I asked if he liked them better than Jacob's he said he does, so I thought you'd like to hear that;)

For me I think it would be hard to say because I also absolutely loved Jacob's too... I think it's because the last ones were special to me because it was Jacob and now these are special because it's our little misses. Hope that makes sense;)

I do have to say I love the two toned background in some of them, and the fan effect is great...oh and that we got a couple of me smiling!

Seriously thank you sooooo much!!!

Btw I thought it was cute your titled the post "mum"...it's something a lot of Canadians adopted from the British and I just can't let go of it;)

Hope all goes well tomorrow if you haven't gone yourself already. I seriously can't wait to see your little angel...she's going to be beautiful!

Thanks again and sorry for the long comment...probably just should have emailed you;)