Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Worth Every Mile

I loved every minute I spent with my sister and her new baby boy. How precious are these?
Getting out of my studio and working with natural light has been such a fun experience. My on location sessions apply to newborns as well : ) Thanks for letting us visit Jess! Love ya!


Christy said...

So, cute!!

-nickk and whitleyy- said...

are these some of the new poses you are trying out?? love em! super cute baby!

Mikelle said...

i Love the sling!

Jess said...

LOOOOVE IT!!! Great job Michele!!
You did such a great job with natural light. I love the sling one, I love all of them!!THANKS SO MUCH
Luv Jess

Daily Tid-Bits said...


Holy COW!!

You outdoor photography has gotten awesome...along with everything else.

We are coming through there and I might have you take some pictures of us. We will see, you know how traveling goes.


Michele Reyes Photography said...

Thanks for all the great feedback.

Whitley, yeah, the swinging one was one I've been working on. But I still didn't get to all I wanted to try. Next baby I guess :)

Jaclyn, we'd love to see you guys - even if just to visit. Either way let me know when you'll be in town : )