Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Since there is an unwritten law for a photographer to make a post without a picture - here is my son's 3 year picture. Isn't he going to be a heartbreaker?
But now to my real reason for posting. . .
I was inspired by another photographer to make it a goal to make a comment in response to comments given (see my post just before this one if that doesn't make sense).
I just like the personal-ness of that. I'll do that for now (while I can - cause you know someday I'll have 40 comments per post . . . LOL). It'll be fun : )

PS. I am not happy with blogger right now - my uploaded pictures look funky to me and I don't know why.


Jodi Palmer said...

Post your photos to picasa and then link to them from there. I never liked uploading photos to blogger. Plus you can post them as large as you want. If you change the settings of your blog template you can get them to be 800px. It's pretty sweet :)

Christy said...

He is a handsome little guy! Are you ready to take my 2 guys pictures, again? I need to get their 1 and 3 year pictures... Seems like I was just there! I was thinking of July or August, are you available?

Michele Reyes Photography said...

I emailed you : )