Monday, October 6, 2008


Miya's mom is my sister's husband's sister (did you follow that? ) She is almost just as flavored with different cultures as my children are - so it made for a fun session. Azah, I'll have to admit I told Kyle I wanted a girl while I was editing these pictures! Beautiful girl. And who has eyelashes a mile long at birth?


TheHeapsClan said...

This little girl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the 2nd to last photo of her in her parents hands, her facial expression is pricelsee there!! great work Michele!!!! You make me want to have another baby just so i can have photos taken like that lol!!

Jess said...

So cute, I love them!! :) Ahhhh, I want a girl too! :) p.s. you have a typo in Azha's name.