Monday, September 8, 2008


What a handsome little boy - and he was so good for us. I had so much fun working in the props that mom brought. It is part of his nursery theme - love it. I have been looking for some fun antiqued cars. I thought it would be a good accessory for the boys. These were found at Tai Pan Trading. It feels so impossible to get up to Salt Lake though. Anyone want to bring me a set and get a free conversion addition to their session (plus reimbursement)?


{ Scott and Marianne } said...

Those props are super cute. I can get you a set if you want Michele, because I drive down your way for my dr. appointments. Just let me know! By the way I'm going to need you to do a newborn sessions in December!
Marianne Denney

Dah-Wheen's Kids said...

I love these pictures, they are really nicely done (the antiquing). The truck and plane really is a nice prop. And that boy is a cutie, lots of hair.