Monday, July 28, 2008

Austin and Olivia

I can hardly stand how cute these pictures are of these two little ones. Nisha, I hope that you like them half as much as I do : ) I've done two other sets of cousins including the twins back in May. So fun to see what a fun family they all are. Cute, cute , cute - what more can I say?


The Poer Family said...

Michele, They look so adorable. I think you did a GREAT job. I showed my husband all of the colored ones you emailed and I like the sepia as well, but we also really love the last picture where it looks old. If we could possibly have you do that for us. Does it cost extra? if so we will probably go with sepia. Thank you so much.

The Poer Family said...

Okay we decided what we wanted to do. We will just keep them all in color as is. I really LOVE them sooooo much and can't wait to see the other ones. Thanks again!