Monday, June 16, 2008


My husband and I have recently gotten to know Mosiah's sweet parents. They are such a great family. I was excited to the different cultural pictures. It has inspired me to get a Hoop costume together for my little boys- now if I could only find some more time and energy in my day. . .
Don't you just love the first picture. I think it looks like he is asking for a big hug. Sweet boy.

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Cherisse said...

Michele you did a great job with his pictures. We are very happy with your work. Mosiah doesn't usually smile in pictures, but the shots you got smiling or not, we really like them. We are having fun getting to know your family. Your little boys are so cute, you do a great job with them. Also, I was wondering if we could be added to your blog. I loved looking at all your pictures and stories email is
Thanks again!!!