Friday, March 28, 2008


Here is another fun picture showing the antiqued option you can add to your session. The way it works - you get to choose 10 photos from your session for me to antique for $30. Just let me know during your session if you are interested. I can do them for any past clients as well.

I also added this post to let people know I am booked through the month of April. I can do a couple newborn sessions though (since those babies don't stay small for long). Thanks to everyone for passing my name along. I love what I do am am so happy that others are happy with what I produce. Just as a heads up - I will probably have a price increase come June or July - I hope to add a couple things to my studio to improve the quality of my pictures. I am also trying to find the balance between making it worth my time (time away from my kids actually) and not becoming too expensive for the average household.

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PattiS said...

Adorable! Love the antique look here. (And the baby legs!)