Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I did newborn pictures for Mylie - so fun to see how she's grown. Her mom brought in some fun outfits including a couple colorful tutus - my favorite for little girls. We even did her stylin' Easter dress - love the polka dots. I posted the last picture so everyone could see Mylie's beautiful mother - Ashlie : )

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The Clement Clan's Wife said...

So I totally bumped into your website through Ashlie... she used to be in my old ward... and i kept thinking hm... her name sounds familiar... and when i saw the heritage breakdown of your kids, i kept thinking... this sounds really familiar! and then when i saw your "about me" page and saw a picture of you, I realized that you're kyle's wife! i used to work with kyle at UVSC when we'd do summer camps... i think i've only met you once or twice... anyways, you are so super talented and i am definitely calling you to take our baby's picture! now all i have to do is get pregnant! :) anyways, i was super blown away with your talent! beautiful pictures! say hi to kyle for me! :)